Madisyn offers four types of astrology readings:

A Life Path astrology reading will give you a deeper understanding of yourself and what your soul mission is in this lifetime. This reading will guide you into an understanding of how you can unlock your full potential by diving into the cosmic energies that make you uniquely you.

A Past Life astrology reading reveals your past life and the energies that are carried over into this life. This will reveal the gifts you naturally bring into this life, how your past life affects you today, and how to move away from these energies to relieve your Karmic ties to other lifetimes.

A Current Potential astrology reading brings to light the energies that you are currently working though you and your chart. This will give you guidance as to where you can currently put your energy to serve your greatest and highest good. This can reveal emotional turmoils and how to cleanse them, current stress and how to release it, internal energy that needs to be expressed, and so much more!

A Compatibility Reading astrology reading will reveal where the energies flow freely and where there is an energetic block between two individuals. This gives clarity to how these two people are reacting to each other on a cosmic level, shining light onto how they can deepen their connection. A compatibility reading can be a combination of any two people's charts.

Please send your birthday, exact birth time, and birthplace when booking your appointment.

Pricing --

$25 : 15 minute reading

$45 : 30 minute reading

$65 : 45 minute reading

$80 : 1 hour reading


Reach Madisyn  OR Book Directly--

Facebook: Butterfly Medicine

Instagram: @Butterfly.Medicine, or 941.822.5181

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Madisyn Alberry has a deep passion for astrology and sharing its knowledge with others. She found this passion three years ago and dove head first into the endless pool of wisdom we know as astrology. Madisyn started her journey in sharing astrology through teaching two years ago. She applies her knowledge of astrology to reading the charts of others and helping them unlock their full potential. Driven by discovering the unknown and sharing it with the world Madisyn longs to better the lives of others by helping them see their own value, purpose, and potential. Her love of the unknown is also expressed through her art and music, where she translates her intuitive visions into the 3D realm. Madisyn is the creator of Butterfly Medicine, a page for transformation through the magic of astrological updates and metaphysical teachings!