Have you been seeking to dial in your eating habits, but not really sure where to start? Have you tried other meal plans before and gotten overwhelmed? You're committed to making the shift, and The Studieaux believes that THAT should be the hardest part of the whole process- NOT the meal plan. Everything changes now.


The Studieaux has created a meal plan completely free of grains and dairy ("GF/DF") to help reduce chronic inflammation in the body that can cause a whole slew of problems, including disease, pain, lethargy/brain fog, hormonal imbalances, bloat, and weight gain. The Studieaux's plan takes into account the busy lifestyles and managed budgets of everyday humans that sometimes don't allow for cooking from scratch every meal, while still providing nutritious fuel so that your food actually makes you feel good. On top of that, the food is delicious! It even includes lots of recipes with a Louisiana flair. 


The Studieaux's plan includes a 30 day meal schedule, grocery lists, meal prep tips for each week to further reduce your time spent cooking, bonus recipes for breakfasts, snacks, and desserts, and a clear, concise guide to set you up for success in your transformation to a GF/DF lifestyle.


There is an optional GF/DF protein powder recommendation within the plan to use as breakfast for optimum results. 

The Studieaux 30 Day Meal Plan