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Now is a time for patience and compassion. With the wellness of all of our staff and guests as top priority, see what The Studieaux is doing to reopen and keep you safe. 

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your part...

  • COVID-19 screening questions will be posted at the entrance. Please conduct a self-screening each time you enter. If you are sick or have been exposed, we ask that you follow isolation guidelines. Staff will do the same. 

  • Please be mindful of social distancing while moving about The Studieaux. Since it is such an open space, we are confident that everyone will be able to do this with ease. 

  • Please bring minimal belongings with you so that you can quickly enter and exit. It is best to come dressed and ready for class to limit time spent in bathroom and lobby. 

  • Mats will still be available for use and cleaned thoroughly by staff afterwards, but we encourage you to bring your own, if you have one. There will be a few blocks available, but no other props at this time. Our other props are mostly made of fabric, and we are trying to figure out the best way to keep them safe. 

UPDATE 6/22/20

In order to remain compliant with most recent mandates, The Studieaux will now require its instructors to wear a face covering at all times while interacting with the public. We anticipate that this order may soon extend to all individuals, so we strongly encourage our students to start bringing a mask or, at minimum, be prepared. Thank you for your continued patience as we navigate this together!

  • The Studieaux will reopen for group classes on May 18, 2020 with a limited class schedule, updated regularly on the website and social media. We will ramp up to a "regular" class schedule as appropriate. Some classes may be delayed until June or early July. 

  • Classes will begin with a 12 student capacity to allow for appropriate distancing. This will be adjusted, if necessary. With this in mind, it is best to sign up ahead of time on Mindbody or ClassPass, or contact us to secure your spot. 

  • We want to take advantage of our beautiful, health-enhancing location! If time and weather are appropriate and all guests are amenable, we may leave the door open for fresh air circulation or even move class outside. This would also increase our capacity and ability to distance. 

  • We will still maintain our virtual presence! Each instructor will live stream an in-person class weekly in the Studieaux Fam Facebook group. 

our part...

  • The Studieaux reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the building who we feel may be at risk or pose risk to others. 

  • With Nurse Emily Z. in charge, rest assured that utmost cleanliness will be maintained, as always. We will have soap, hand sanitizer, wipes, and cleaning spray available for use. No masks or PPE will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own, if it makes you feel more comfortable. 

  • As stated above, we will be operating at reduced capacity until further notice. 

  • As is the case with all aspects of this situation, circumstances and expectations are changing rapidly. We will do our very best to keep our website, social media, and operations as current as possible. 

one last thing...

  • Check out The Studieaux's growing online streaming platform, the ONLY platform focused on our signature fascia-based movement practice, MERGE. It will also be expanding to include other yoga and movement formats, as well as meditations. Get 30 days FREE with code MERGEFAM at checkout. Click here to try it out!