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Founding Memberships ON SALE

Thank you for your interest in a Founding Membership at the Studieaux, coming soon to Historic Uptown!  Founding Members will forever hold a special place in our heart & will be commemorated in the space with a special brick dedication & event. 

As a Founding Member, your $1600 disappearing fee will be paid back to you at $200/ year for 8 years, until you've practiced for 8 years with us at no cost. If you move out of town, you may reassign your Founding Membership to another local St. Petersburg resident-- though the fee will continue to be paid back to you.

It is our great honor to be a part of the old Historic Uptown laundromat & building revival -- we look forward to all that is to come!

Emily & Taylor

Interested in a founding membership? Email:, reach out to us on ig: @the_studieaux or give us a call at 575 - 323 - 0367.

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