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The Studieaux, HQ Iron Yogi Fitness Downtown St. Pete


We are situated in Historic Uptown, just blocks from Downtown St. Petersburg, FL.

Historic Uptown is a booming neighborhood, with a revitalization of the 1926 historic building and new businesses opening since October '18.

The Studieaux, HQ Iron Yogi Fitness | Yoga Studio for Fascia Therapy & Active Recovery located in downtown St. Pete St. Petersburg, FL

We are located on the corner of 5th St North, at 7th Ave North, in the old Uptown Laundromat. Parking is limited, please arrive early to secure a spot either in the lot behind our building or on streets in neighborhood/ around Round Lake. Bike, walk, scooter, or carpool whenever possible. We are working on bike racks but have minimal places to secure bikes in the meantime.


Please be considerate of our neighbors here in Historic Uptown.

For most inquiries, write, or call / text at (575) 323 - 0367. If you’d like to speak with someone and get no answer, leave a message. 

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