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Yoga Studio for Fascia Therapy Active Recovery St. Petersburg,FL

Emily Z is a Therapeutic Movement Expert and Creator of The Studieaux, HQ for Iron Yogi Fitness Online Strength Training. With a background as a Registered Nurse, she has helped hundreds of patients with physical trauma, emotional trauma, scarring, and inflammation find healing through the Iron Yogi Fitness Method, which combines the rigor of strength training with fascia-based therapeutic movement and mindful recovery practices.


Emily’s personal training approach in guiding physical transformations starts with a focus on the new paradigm of the mind-body-soul connection which exists in the liquid crystalline matrix within our bodies- the Myofascial System.


All classes offered at The Studieaux are backed with the science that recognizes the unique adaptable characteristic of our connective tissues.

You can work directly with Emily with the Iron Yogi Fitness Virtual App.

Visit The Studieaux, HQ for Iron Yogi Fitness Online Strength Training- to enjoy Fleaux Classes.

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