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Never practiced yoga... Where do I begin?

That's perfect! Fun fact, majority of our clients had never practiced before beginning here at the Studieaux. You're in good company. All of our classes are designed to challenge the seasoned yogi as well as cater to the brand new practitioner. Check out our Class Descriptions to see what class resonates with you. 


Arrival Procedure?

We begin all of our classes 5 minutes late. Sign up online prior through MindBody, or-- just show up. We'll get you signed in. Expect to sign a quick waiver (don't die). Try to arrive early to settle into the space, though not required. Drop your shoes at the door, your belongings on a chair / under a chair / anywhere really. Or, we're always happy to tuck your belongings in the back, just ask.

What do I bring?

Bring a mat, a water bottle, a towel if you're a big sweat-er & a readiness to challenge yourself and breathe breathe breathe. We do have mats for you to borrow if you need ( no charge ) & can assist you in your search for your own mat. We also have waters available for $1. 

What do I wear?

As long as you're comfortable and can move, wear that. If it's a Power class, and yogi shorts feel good - wear them. If to-the-ankles yoga pants feel good - wear them. Wear just a bra up top or a full winter sweater - do you boo. 

What can I expect from The Studieaux?

Expect big, loud music (except in Ashtree Hatha) - We are music-based. See Class Descriptions for volume specifics. Expect an open minded, at-home type of vibe - all the palo santo goodness. Expect big, loud conversations - as well as quieter days, where everyone settles in their own time onto their mat. Expect us to introduce you to whoever else is in the room. We are a dynamic space of dynamic individuals, and we expect you to come exactly as you are.

What is the cost?

See our Pricing & Membership options. 


Okay, let's do this! >> Schedule.




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