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dear future client -

Dear future client,

First of all, we love you. Not just your run-of-the-mill, pass-you-in-the-streets kinda “luv ya” either; no, we’ve been holding the vision that you would walk into our doors for years. Each of us collectively— over 50 years of love, collectively dreaming that we’d have the opportunity to greet you at the door, let you know our restroom is in the back right, and to “make yourself at home.” We’ve all had our own fuzzy vision of where we would practice daily, where we would guide the practice, and who we would introduce the practice to. Our favorite days are when we connect with a new student to our healing practice. It's humbling, to be in such a place where we get to know you, hear your story, be a part of it all. You are the all-star here, for kickstarting your journey. We know the struggle of digging through the layers of preconditioning and perhaps poor wellness practices— it hurts to rise and we know it.

Each of us became healers because we had been healed. Life is a journey for all, and we’re no exception to that rule. And now? Our healing others IS the healing practice. We do it together, neither can be present without the other. In order for there to be teachers, there must be students. The evolution of our practice depends on your willingness to expose vulnerability in a safe space. Vulnerability— this word does not resonate highly in our society with accomplishment and strength. To be vulnerable has historically been held as the antithesis, the antonym to strength. Though, without it we cannot go as far within. We LOVE you for your vulnerability, and we know it’s the direct line to strength. The yin to its yang— one cannot be present without the other.

Our love for you is derived from a long line of appreciation for the sharing of the practice. Your willingness to walk through these doors and say, “let’s yoga” — This is the evolution, you walking into our doors— and together, we remember our deepest medicinal practices come from within. The love we have comes from both who you are right now, and who we can envision you becoming over the next year, 3 years, and beyond. Your choice to schedule in self care— that choice we have been dreaming of dear future client. The choice we can envision rippling outward by YOU leading by example.

This is why our love runs deep for you future client. you’ve been a part of that vision all along, we just didn’t know your face yet.

Stoked to meet ya, love us

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